The word Me may refer to:

the concept of the self in Sociology, Psychology or Philosophy.
one of the transliterations of the fifth syllable in Buddhist “Six syllable mantra” Om mani padme hum
Me (mythology), a concept in the cosmology of Sumerian mythology
Windows Me, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Romanisation of the Japanese kana め and メ
Me: Stories of My Life, the autobiography of actress Katharine Hepburn.
“Me”, a song by Paula Cole.
Me, an English pop group active in the early nineties, who covered the Postman Pat theme on their vinyl release, Here Comes Everybody.
The prefix Me- may refer to:
Messerschmitt airplanes
ME or M.E. may refer to any of the following:

Maine (United States postal abbreviations)
The Borough of Medway
The Middle East, a peninsular region bordering Europe, Asia, and Africa
the United Kingdom Postcode for the Medway and North Kent Area. From ME1 to ME20, it covers the area from Rochester in the West, Maidstone in the South, and Faversham in the East.
Montenegro; ME is the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code


  1. Yes. I cheekily stole this idea from my friend Kim’s myspace profile. But she used a dictionary entry for me. I however felt that the encyclopedia entry for me fit this particular blog a bit better.

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