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Wild Guppy Is Back Again!

I’m back. I’ve quit my day job and I’m ready to roll, fellow writers. New projects on the horizon and an almost done novel. Shaking off the shackles of anonymity and ready to be seen. Persephone reborn. ❤ AK

I have a bad temper *sigh*

I know I have a bad temper. I got mad at somebody today. It was the plumber. He is a nice guy, but it seemed like he had been giving us the run around. He’s been our plumber for nearly 5 years. We found him through a cheeky add in the phone book and we discovered that we are both Greek. Today, like a true Greek, I yelled into his voicemail. His honor was offended by what I said. He called our house while I was still on the way home and talked to my husband, in a shaky, pained…

Why Public Schools Rock [and do not turn you into a cockroach]

A writer friend who lives in the Bay Area told me that she was worried that she and her husband could not afford the 20 + grand a year per kid that it would cost to send her two children into private schools in the Bay Area. Her children’s ages? 3 and 6 months. They are nowhere near the school age, yet this young mom feels the pressure that many middle class professionals in the Bay Area feel: Should I put my kids in a private school because the public schools will turn them into cockroaches, or should I let…