I had a dream last night that everybody at work read my blog

Is that weird? Oh well.

I dreamt I was at an English Dept. meeting at the school where I teach, the same one we have at the beginning of each semester to discuss the semester’s business and of all things,  my blog came up as a subject of discussion on the agenda. Then I dreamt that my boss said that she had been reading it eagerly and had been an avid follower of it for years. Then different coworkers, some I get along with and some I find to be difficult, also brightly looked up from their agenda items and yessed and ummhmm’d in agreement.  I felt like everybody thought I was special and important. And isn’t that what we all want people to feel about us? That we are special and important and that our ideas matter?  I know I am just a lowly part-time worker/ employee, and I am a petite in stature young woman who often gets spoken down to and/or discredited and or overlooked. But, for once, in my dreams, where I can construct my own world, I was important and people were listening to me. And even if I get rejected from the outside world, and the artistic and academic powers that be prefer to bestow accolades upon others in reality, even if my some of my coworkers borrow my ideas about teaching or writing sometimes and then act like they was their own, maybe, at least in my dreams, I am intelligent and worth following and reading about.

And at least in my dreams, I get respect.

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