From March, 2010

I had a dream last night that everybody at work read my blog

Is that weird? Oh well. I dreamt I was at an English Dept. meeting at the school where I teach, the same one we have at the beginning of each semester to discuss the semester’s business and of all things,  my blog came up as a subject of discussion on the agenda. Then I dreamt that my boss said that she had been reading it eagerly and had been an avid follower of it for years. Then different coworkers, some I get along with and some I find to be difficult, also brightly looked up from their agenda items and…


I love this painting.  It’s Athena by Susan Seddon Boulet.  I didn’t know this, but she was an artist who lived in Oakland and died of cancer in the late 1990’s. I found post-cards of her work when I was 16 in an eclectic store in Hermosa Beach. Kind of reminds me of the idea of rebirth.

Academic Black

I was doing random searches online and ran across an academic jobs wiki list for creative writing that listed all sorts of jobs for creative writers with MFA’s trying to hustle around their resume’s and get tenure track teaching jobs. In case you have morbid curiosity the website is here. This is a different avenue from community college jobs, which normally are in Composition or English or Basic Skills. These are the coveted University type jobs in Creative Writing. The cut above. Just a few more minutes, I told myself in the post-midnight glare of internet search reverie/addiction and I…

Wildguppy is back

To all of you who dream, who yearn, who believe in striving to be your best against all odds, I am your sister in the struggle between freedom and pain. This is my battlecry: Read it and refuse to weep.